New online job portal features environment-related jobs available in S'pore & M'sia

Jobs in the sustainability sector are up and coming.

Sumita Thiagarajan | September 03, 2020, 02:47 PM

Singapore aims to create an estimated number of 55,000 green jobs in the food, water and environment sectors in the next 10 years.

For a start, Singaporeans who are interested in 'green collar' jobs can check out this online job portal.

One website, Green Collar Careers, has recently been launched a job portal for those looking for jobs in the sustainability sector.

Green jobs listed include entry-level to senior positions

As of the time of writing, there are over 80 'green collar' jobs listed on the website.

There are a variety of types of jobs, from communications manager to solar engineer (as seen below):

screenshot of green collar career


There's also a job listing for anyone who is keen on working outdoors and surveying plants.

According to Straits Times (ST), the site was started by Heng Li Seng and Rusty Goh last month.

Heng is the founder and chief executive officer of Green Nudge, which is a social enterprise which helps companies plan 'greener' events, while Goh is a space engineer.

ST reported that Heng has received more inquiries on green jobs amidst the economic downtown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both Heng and Goh look out for jobs in the sustainability sector and curate it on their site.

In addition, users can submit job listings through the site.

Young job seekers want more meaningful careers

According to Heng, young job seekers have "a desire to do something meaningful with their career, and not just work in any other job", reported ST.

He added there is growing awareness about the environment and embracing a zero waste lifestyle.

Both Goh and Heng hope to continue to expand their listings to include jobs from South-east Asia in the coming years.

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Top image via Forest School Singapore/Facebook and screengrab via Green Collar Careers website