The Golden Duck has new tom yum-flavoured snack with lotus root, shrimp chins & mushrooms

Aroy mak mak~

Fasiha Nazren | September 22, 2020, 01:52 PM

The Golden Duck is known for its salted egg fish skin and chips.

Recently, however, the snack company has released a new snack: Tom Yum Goong.

Photo by Fasiha Nazren.

The Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix consists of lotus root crisps, oyster mushrooms and shrimp chins.

One can also find some kaffir lime leaves and dried chilli in the mix.

These ingredients are seasoned in familiar tom yum spices and herbs including lemongrass, coriander and galangal.

Sour, herby and slightly spicy

Upon opening the snack pack, there's a strong scent of kaffir limes.

Photo by Fasiha Nazren.

Essentially, the snack has the sour, herby and slightly spicy notes one would find in a typical tom yum goong.

While the crispy lotus root slices gives you a distinct tom yum flavour, the oyster mushroom provides a slightly sweet and earthy aftertaste.

From left to right: Lotus root crisps, oyster mushroom and shrimp chins. Photo by Fasiha Nazren.

The shrimp chins, on the other hand, adds an umami flavour to the snack and is more fun to munch on than prawn crackers.

While the snack is not too spicy, there is also a spice booster pack provided in each bag in case you prefer a more intense flavour.

Photo by Fasiha Nazren.

Compared to the salted egg snacks that The Golden Duck is known for, the Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix is lighter on the palate and can probably be finished in one seating.

S$7.80 per pack

This snack mix will be progressively rolled out across all major supermarkets and and online market places from Oct. 5.

A 101-gram bag of the Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix will cost S$7.80.

A limited edition Snackbox of five gourmet snack packs will also be available for S$39 on The Golden Duck's e-commerce site.

Photo from The Golden Duck.

Finessed for a over a year

The Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix is a curated by Golden Duck's Chef Maui and Chef Nooror, a chef from Blue Elephant, a world-renowned restaurant in Thailand.

According to a release, this snack mix was finessed for over a year at The Golden Duck before it was perfected by Chef Nooror.

The tom yum flavour was chosen by over 12,000 voters, earning 38 per cent of the vote.

Laksa was a close second at 33 per cent while beef rendang earned 29 per cent of the votes.

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Top image from Fasiha Nazren.