Genshin Impact, China's Breath of the Wild-inspired free-to-play RPG garners 10 million players on launch day

Very, very ambitious game.

Julia Yeo | September 29, 2020, 02:52 PM

Nintendo's Zelda: Breath of the Wild revolutionised how people saw open-world games when it was released in 2017.

On Sep. 28, 2020, Chinese game developer MiHoYo released Genshin Impact, its answer to Breath of the Wild.

Genshin impact gets 10 million registered players by launch day

An open-world role-playing game (RPG) that can be cross-saved on mobile and PC versions with multiplayer co-op gameplay, Genshin Impact is highly ambitious. Oh, and it's also free-to-play.

As the game can be cross-saved, players can play on the same character on mobile and PC versions.

At the time of release, the game has at least 10 million players who have registered across all platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Here's a trailer for the game, uploaded one day before the release:

While the game contains mobile "Gacha" features, where players can buy in-game currency to try their luck at obtaining rare items, other key features of the game are currently free-to-play, according to YouTubers from the gaming community who have reviewed the game.

First look at gameplay

The game has four different servers to represent regions available. Characters created in each server are non-transferrable, though.

Screenshot via Globku/YouTube

Characters in the game are largely anime-style, and at first glance, are quite detailed as well.

Screenshot via Globku/YouTube

Like most RPGs, gameplay includes a storyline and defeating bosses.

Screenshot via Globku

The graphics and open-world design look rather similar to Nintendo's Zelda, with several breathtaking views.

Screenshot via Genshin Impact/YouTube

Screenshot via Genshin Impact/YouTube

Controversy over similarity with Breath of the Wild

In 2019, when MiHoYo unveiled Genshin Impact for the PS4, many noticed its uncanny similarities to Nintendo's Breath of the Wild.

A number of Zelda fans were a little miffed about the similarity in style, and some were upset that Sony was promoting the game as well.

One fan at the ChinaJoy digital entertainment exhibition in Shanghai was so upset that he smashed his PS4 console at the event in protest.

Some Zelda fans were also up in arms with their Nintendo Switches and Zelda game boxes, turning up to protest the game.

However, that did not stop Genshin Impact from successfully garnering  a total of 10 million registration players by launch day.

While the game has only been out for barely a day, reviews have been highly positive, with many raving about the high-quality graphics.

Most players with negative reviews have grumbled about the slow installation time, as some have taken several hours just to download the game.

Those interested can register on the MiHoYo website, and on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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Top image via Genshin Impact/MiHoYo website, Globku/YouTube