Virtual previews of mid-autumn lanterns & online performances at Gardens by the Bay from Sep. 18 to Oct. 4

You can see the displays on-site or online.

Fasiha Nazren | September 07, 2020, 05:09 PM

Gardens by the Bay will be having a mix of onsite and online activities to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival from Sep. 18 to Oct. 4.

This year's onsite lantern sets follow the themes of family reunion and unity in the community.

The lantern sets will be lit up from 7pm to 10pm during the Mid-Autumn season.

Here are the six lantern sets:

Apricot Grove (杏林送暖)

Photo courtesy of Gardens by the Bay.

The Apricot Grove is the highlight of this year's light-up.

It features apricot flowers in various stages of blooming enhanced with gobo lighting effect to simulate falling petals.

The set is inspired by the Chinese fable of Dong Feng (董奉), a skilled and generous medical practitioner from the Three Kingdoms period (三国时代).

Located at the Golden Garden, this lantern set is a floral tribute to healthcare workers.

Water Song (但愿人长久)

Photo courtesy of Gardens by the Bay.

This display is inspired by the famous poem《水调歌头·明月几时有》, which expresses the poet Su Shi's (苏轼) deep longing for his family as he contemplates the beauty of the moon during Mid-Autumn.

The Water Song features five framed scenes and is located near the Planet sculpture, between the Supertree Grove and The Meadow.

Collonade of Lights (灯廊)

Photo courtesy of Gardens by the Bay.

This set is a vibrant showcase of some 1,500 paper lanterns painted by the community as well as Gardens by the Bay's senior workers.

The Collonade of Lights is located at the Supertree Grove and the Flower Dome.

Illuminations of Joy (挂灯结彩)

Photo courtesy of Gardens by the Bay.

Illuminations of Joy is a lantern installation showcasing 400 hand-coloured lanterns by 600 participants.

It features brightly coloured, animal-shaped designs inspired by traditional cellophane lanterns of yesteryear.

This set is located at the Supertree Grove.

Royal Family's Walk(皇室出巡)

Photo courtesy of Gardens by the Bay.

This lantern set depicts a royal procession of the king and queen in the early Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

It was first displayed at the Seoul Lantern Festival in 2019 and is made of hanji, a Korean traditional paper created using the bark of the mulberry tree.

This set is located at the Supertree Grove.

Prosperity Rats (吉鼠呈祥)

Photo courtesy of Gardens by the Bay.

Prosperity Rats features ten rat lanterns painted by the community.

This lantern set is making a return after first appearing during this year's Chinese New Year.

it is located along the Scented Walk.

Online performances and activities

In place of live performances and activities, this year's celebrations include a series of online programmes.

There will be a virtual preview of the lantern displays, performances by award-winning flautist and composter, Rit Xu, and Chinese dance duo, Li Ruimin and Zheng Long.

One can also partake in craft and activities such as snow skin mooncake making demonstration, origami lotus, making your own Chinese Pavilion and more.

There are also games and quizzes like haiku and a lantern quiz, where participants can stand a chance to win prizes.

These activities will be accessible to the public on the Gardens by the Bay's website from Sep. 18 to Oct. 4.

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Top image from Gardens by the Bay.