Man panics when baby goes 'missing' from pram, realises baby's strapped to him

Crisis averted.

Siti Hawa | September 20, 2020, 03:30 PM

A video circulating online shows a man, presumably a father, panicking after realising that his baby is not in its pram.

In the video, it took a while for the father to realise that his baby was strapped to his chest on a baby carrier all along.

A 36-second clip of the video posted on Facebook has since garnered more than 87,000 shares and 46,000 reactions since it was posted on Sep. 14.

Baby went "missing"

The video started off with the man absentmindedly using his phone with one hand, while pushing the pram back and forth with the other.

Video via 許佳盈 on Facebook

After a moment, the man looked down at the pram, only to realise that his baby was not in it.

Video via 許佳盈 on Facebook

Looks around frantically

He panicked and looked around, apparently in the frantic search of his missing child, while his baby dangled from its carrier.

Video via 許佳盈 on Facebook

After a few moments, he looked down and realised that his child has been strapped to his chest all along.

He gave the baby a few reassuring pats, probably intended for himself.

Video via 許佳盈 on Facebook

That was close.

View the full video here:

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Top photo via 許佳盈 on Facebook