Alien Huang reportedly gave all his earnings to dad, only had S$2,300 a month for himself

Huang and his father had a close relationship.

Mandy How | September 23, 2020, 04:30 PM

Taiwanese host Jacky Wu, who co-hosted variety programme "Mr Player" with the late Alien Huang, has shared another heartwarming anecdote about the recently-departed host/singer.

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On Sep. 21, Wu, along with two other other artistes, hosted a press conference on their Golden Bell Awards nomination, but the topic understandably swerved to Huang.

According to 58-year-old Wu, Huang would give all his income to his father, and received NT$50,000 (about S$2,340) of "pocket money" to spend on himself, ETtoday reported.

However, when Huang's father was going through the celeb's belongings after his death, he reportedly found more than NT$370,000 (about S$17,330) in a pile of envelopes — the same envelopes that he had used to disburse the "pocket money" to Huang.

Wu had heard the story from Huang's father at the wake.

This sum was accumulated because Huang had no time to spent the money, Wu said. He added that hearing the story from Huang's father made him very emotional.

Huang with his sister, father, and nephew. Photo via @teen520 on Instagram.

In the days shortly after Huang's death, Wu also wrote a poignant song dedicated to the star.

"How far away is heaven? Have you packed enough?" the opening lines read.

You can find the full lyrics and translation here.

Top image via Alien Huang and Jacky Wu's Instagram page