Thai woman ends up with brilliantly yellow cat after using turmeric remedy for its fungal infection


Joshua Lee | August 23, 2020, 09:11 PM

Turmeric is known to be a superfood thanks to its active component curcumin, which apparently reduces inflammation and slows aging.

Curcumin is also responsible for that yellow stain that gets on your hands and clothes whenever you handle turmeric.

One Thai woman learned just how brilliantly yellow it could get after she applied a turmeric scrub on her white cat.

Pre-turmeric feline. Via Facebook.

The woman, Thammapa Supamas, had experimented with a turmeric scrub to treat her cat's fungal infection.

Via Facebook.

As you can see, the owner was quite thorough with the application of the scrub.

Via Facebook

The good news was that the turmeric scrub seemed to work.

But the even better news? It left her cat with nearly fluorescent yellow fur.

Via Facebook.

Via Facebook.

Via Facebook.

Here's a comparison of the before and after:

Some netizens even drew comparisons to anime character Pikachu.

You can catch up on the antics of this yellow cat on its Facebook page here.

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