S'porean actor Tosh Rock thanks healthcare workers after having to wear PPE suit for upcoming drama

Tough work.

Mandy How | August 31, 2020, 03:30 PM

Gratitude in all forms have poured in for Singapore's healthcare workers as the Covid-19 pandemic unfurls.

As part of the ongoing conversation, local actor Tosh Rock recently expressed his appreciation for the frontliners as well.

This was after having to wear a PPE (personal protective equipment) for his upcoming drama, "Gangster Nurse".

According to Tosh, the drama touches on the pandemic, with his role as an ex-gangster who turns over a new leaf by becoming a nurse.

In the process of filming, the actor had to don a PPE suit, which consists of various elements:

  • Mask and/or face shield
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Gowns (including head covers and shoe covers/rubber boots)

Healthcare workers will also have to put these on in the correct order.

On his experience wearing the PPE suit, Tosh said that despite only wearing it "for a short amount of time," there were already marks on his face.

"I cannot imagine what our frontline healthcare workers go through on a daily basis having to wear it for extended hours while doing their job. Much respect to them and what they do! Thank you for your sacrifice 🙏🏻" he wrote. 

The actor also uploaded two photos of himself, one wearing a PPE suit and another after taking it off.

Photo via Tosh Rock/Facebook

Photo via Tosh Rock/Facebook

In response to the post, a fan who did not appear to be from Singapore said that there are healthcare workers who have to wear the suit for at least eight hours straight.

Before putting on the PPE, these workers would eat their fill, as there is hardly any time to eat while on duty.

They would also refrain from drinking water, so that they would not have to visit the restroom.

You can read Tosh's post here:

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Top image via Tosh Rock/Facebook