WP's Sylvia Lim re-enacts 'When Mama Isn't Home' meme with Aljunied GRC residents

Someone give bucket guy a medal.

Jason Fan | August 31, 2020, 12:56 AM

Being a Member of Parliament (MP) is mostly serious business, but some MPs occasionally let their hair down as they interact with their residents.

Sylvia Lim, who is the Chairman of Workers' Party (WP) and an MP for Aljunied GRC, showed her rapport with residents when she starred in a video with several Paya Lebar residents.

The group re-enacted the popular 'When Mama Isn't Home' meme together.

If you're not familiar, the original meme features a father and son duo wearing sunglasses at home and performing a short piece using a trombone and an oven door.

MP-mom stepping in to maintain order

The video, which was shared by Aljunied GRC's official Facebook page, showed a clip of residents making a "ruckus" at the void deck, before Lim, who was referred to as "MP-mom", appeared at the tail end, looking as though she was about to admonish them (like a real mother would).

Similar to the original meme, where the child uses an oven door instead of an actual drum for the song, the residents in this video performed using everyday objects, such as folding chairs, trash cans and buckets.

Credit has to be given for the nondescript resident in the background, who donned a bucket on his head and banged it with utmost enthusiasm.

The post's caption stated that members of Aljunied GRC have formed close ties and friendships with residents after serving them for the last nine years, and that they have built a sense of community through their outreach programmes.

You can watch the full performance here:

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Top image via Aljunied GRC.