Quan Yi Fong worried by 'weird' netizen wanting daughter's number to ask if she hugs bolster to sleep


Tanya Ong | August 07, 2020, 12:36 PM

Local TV host Quan Yi Fong recently took to Facebook to share something that had greatly "worried" her.

In her post on Wednesday (Aug. 5), she posted several screenshots of a correspondence she had with a netizen online.

The comments were apparently left on a Facebook post where Quan had posted something regarding her workout.

The netizen had asked Quan if her daughter, Eleanor Lee, sleeps with a bolster. In response, Quan had asked what the purpose of his question was, as it was invasive.

When Quan said that she would not be entertaining the question, the person then asked Quan for her daughter's number so that he could ask her himself.

Quan Yifong/FB

Quan Yifong/FB

This is the full correspondence:

Netizen: When your daughter Eleanor sleeps, does she need to hug a bolster?

Quan: This is rather personal. What are you trying to do?

Netizen: Not trying to do anything. I'm just asking.

Quan: This is a really personal question, I'm not going to answer. When Eleanor sleeps, she just closes her eyes and sleeps. Thank you.

Netizen: Please give me your daughter's handphone number. I will ask her myself.

Quan: You're sick! When your mother sleeps does she hug a zhuzi (the character, which Quan typed, means ‘bead’, but is likely a typo for another word meaning pole or pillar)?How about you give me their phone number so I can ask? Or should we clarify this at the police station?

In her post, Quan pointed out that it was "a little weird"  that someone was asking this kind of question regarding her child's "sleeping habits".

She also added that she was still "very worried".

This is her Facebook post:

Top photo via Quan Yifong/FB.