Man sits outside 6th floor HDB flat ledge to chat

An additional 2.25m² of property utilised.

Belmont Lay | August 26, 2020, 01:16 PM

A shirtless man was caught on camera sitting on the ledge outside his sixth floor HDB flat.

The bizarre scene was shared to Facebook on Aug. 25:

The ledge is where the air conditioner compressor is usually located -- but now translated to 2.25m² extra of valuable real estate.

What was man doing?

Although it appeared as though he might have been having a barbeque, the man was holding on to a mobile phone-like device and looked to have been chatting in a video call.

At the edge of the ledge were what looked like an orange pail and a shiny container.

Various reasons have been proposed for his high-rise conversation:

- too hot indoors

- fresher air outside

- lack of nerves

- sparing people indoors from his chatter

- mentally unsound

- utilising every square inch of his property

What HDB says

According to the Housing and Development Board, residents have a duty to keep the estate safe.

They should not

- Place objects on the ledges of windows/ balconies

- Place objects, such as flower pots and clothes hanging racks, on the parapet walls of common corridors

- Hang items above the parapet walls/ balconies

- Throw objects from your flat or from the common areas

- Tie/ hang objects, such as shopping trolleys and cooking woks, from the bamboo pole holders

- Place objects in a manner that may endanger the safety of the general public

- Place bamboo poles in a criss-cross manner

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