Indomie goreng-flavoured ice cream topped with fried shallots selling in Indonesia for S$4.15

Thank you, next.

Siti Hawa | August 14, 2020, 04:48 PM

The world has a weird habit of creating peculiar ice cream flavours.

Now yet another ice cream store, this time located in Indonesia, has launched an Indomie goreng-flavoured ice cream.

Indomie goreng ice cream

Photo via @holi.icecream on Instagram

The ice cream store, Holi Ice Cream, took to their Instagram page to declare that they are the first in Indonesia to launch an Indomie goreng-flavoured ice cream.

In the post, Holi Ice Cream explains that the ice cream comes complete with fried shallot topping.

They then ask customers, "Are you sure you don't want to try?"

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THE FIRST INDOMIE GORENG ICE CREAM IN INDONESIA!✨ Lengkap dengan taburan bawang goreng asli di atasnya! WOW🀩Yakin kamu gak mau coba? - Shipping every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday✨ . FOR PRE ORDER: 087838384850 . #holiicecream #handcraftedicecream

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The Indomie goreng-flavoured ice cream is priced at around S$4.15 for a 300ml cup of ice cream.

According to one reviewer the ice cream had the savoury aroma of the Indomie goreng, which can immediately be smelled once the lid is opened. Overall the review says it was not too sweet but the after taste of fried shallots was left in his mouth.

Here's a review by YouTube channel, Golden Belly.

The Indomie portion is from 7 minutes on. The reviewers express their pleasant surprise at the taste of the ice cream itself. However they did say you would either like it or hate it.

Much like the earlier review, they also mentioned how the shallots made them feel as if they were eating instant noodles.

Not the only unique flavour

The ice cream store, which specialises in "handcrafted" ice cream, also has a variety of other unique flavours on their menu.

Their other "must try" ice cream flavours include:

Indomilk Banana and Choki-choki

Photo via @holi.icecream on Instagram

Energen with Cornflakes

Photo via @holi.icecream on Instagram

Red Wine

Photo via @holi.icecream on Instagram

Cheese Tea with Brulee

Photo via @holi.icecream on Instagram

Check out their menu and price list here:

Photo via @holi.icecream on Instagram

Unfortunately, since it isn't available in Singapore yet, we will just have to make do with our Indomie instant noodles for now.

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Top photo via @holi.icecream on Instagram