'Ice Dog', ice cream in hot dog buns, selling in IKEA Taiwan & China

There's also mango ice cream in IKEA Taiwan.

Siti Hawa | Zhangxin Zheng | August 21, 2020, 03:36 PM

What's better to quell the summer heat than ice cream.

IKEA has put a spin on its popular hot dog bun and launched a sweet version of it.

Named "Ice Dog", the furniture brand is now selling ice cream hot dog buns in Taiwan and China recently.

"Ice Dog" buns in IKEA Taiwan and China

The ice cream hot dog buns come in two flavours, chocolate and vanilla.

They are currently priced at NT$30 (S$1.39) in Taiwan and RMB 4.90 (S$0.97) in parts of China.

via Weibo.

Photo via @jl_ksupfe on Instagram

Photos also showed that the "Ice Dog" buns were launched earlier in some parts of China in June at only RMB 3 (S$0.60).

via Weibo.


The "Ice Dog" buns seem to be really popular among people in Taiwan and China.

Generous swirls of ice cream can be seen sandwiched between regular-sized hot dog buns.

Here are some photos and comments from those who have tried the "Ice Dog" buns.

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🌟新品開賣🌟 全台《家居》 - 🏪#ikea宜家家居 🏪 ➡️巧克力冰狗₃ ₀ - 🏪全台ikea ☎️- ⏰- - ✔️#巧克力冰狗 :熱狗不行,但冰淇淋我可以啊😚 這款巧克力是苦甜巧克力,甜度相對來得比較低一些,配上熱熱的麵包,甜膩度也就沒那麼高了!逛完ikea可以買一個嚐嚐...而整體來說是cp值挺高的甜點! - #台灣 #高雄美食 #冰狗 #大亨堡 #台中美食 #台北美食 #桃園美食 #高雄小吃 #銅板價 #銅板美食 #宜家家居 #巧克力 #前鎮 #熱狗堡 #前鎮美食 #ikea #taiwanesefood #kaohsiungfood #popyummy

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This user @jl_ksupfe who tried the Ice dog said that the chocolate ice cream tasted bittersweet. The person added that when paired with the warm hot dog bun, the sweetness is reduced.

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有熱狗當然就會有冰狗 😂 合理 #ikea

A post shared by 高雄點. (@kaohsiungden) on

"When there's hot dog, there's ice dog 😂 reasonable."

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💛炎炎夏日就是要大口吃冰啊! IKEA終於也開賣「冰狗」🌭️🍦 直接把香濃的冰淇淋擠在熱狗麵包中間 這創意十足的搭配絕對是今夏必吃冰品啊! . 《 IKEA 》 . 🏠IKEA台中店、高雄店搶先開賣 💰冰狗$25 . 歡迎大家在照片下方標注 #Foody吃貨,或是標記 @foody_tw 就有機會透過我們將你的照片或影片分享給大家❤️ . #Foody吃貨 #Foody吃貨IKEA #IKEA美食 #IKEA #IKEA必吃 #IKEA霜淇淋 #ikea冰狗 #冰狗 #ikea台中店 #ikea高雄店 #霜淇淋 #熱狗 #冰淇淋堡 #Taichung #Foody #yummy #delicious

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Instagram page, Foody_tw, praised that this combination is a "must try" for this summer and it's very creative.

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"Tried IKEA's Ice Dog, one sentence to describe: Three [scoops] of ice cream put together in an old school bread."


"Tried the new IKEA product "Ice Dog", it's so freezing cold that my teeth almost drop."

That said, Singaporeans aren't exactly new to the concept of sandwiching ice cream with bread.

Mango ice cream

Photo via @jl_ksupfe on Instagram

Besides ice cream hot dog buns, IKEA Taiwan has also launched mango ice cream for NT$20 (S$0.93).

Hope this will be made available in IKEA Singapore.

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Top photo via @jl_ksupfe and @foody_tw on Instagram