Foodpanda delivery rider in NDP viral video on his way to pick up an order, bringing wife for dinner date tomorrow

He did it spontaneously.

Guan Zhen Tan | August 09, 2020, 11:03 PM

The most eye-catching story on a subdued National Day?

A cheeky Foodpanda delivery rider who found himself following the National Day Parade (NDP) mobile column, and subsequently waved to the onlookers at Woodlands Avenue 1 along Woodgrove.

Was on his way to pick up an order has since found the rider in question.

The rider, whose name is Abdul Rahman, had been working for Foodpanda for close to a year.

Rahman, who's married with two children, was on his way to pick up an order from the Esso petrol station nearby at around noon on Aug. 9.

This was when he found himself riding on the same route as the mobile column.

"Out of spontaneity, I decided to play along and pretended to be part of the mobile column as I was the only rider behind [the contingent]. Amazingly, I got the loudest cheer[s]", he said.

He also assured that there was nothing in his food bag at that point of time, which means there was no need to worry about the food getting cold.

Didn't expect to go viral

The rider added that he "totally didn't expect" what he did to go viral.

He revealed that his phone was ringing with notifications, presumably from friends and family who had recognised him from the viral clip.

With regard to how he felt from the reactions he garnered, Rahman said that he was happy.

He joked that he did not feel embarrassed as he was wearing a mask and tinted shades.

Rahman subsequently shared that what he did was pretty much a part of his character.

While Rahman was working on a public holiday today (Aug. 9), he plans to bring his wife out for a yakiniku dinner date tomorrow (Aug.10) and spend time with her until the end of the night.

Rahman also took the opportunity to remind other riders to mask up, sanitise and ride safe while working.

"Mask on, sanitise always! Here's a shoutout to all delivery riders, be it any colours of the platform, ride safe, be safe, stay safe. Our loved ones are waiting at home."

Top image via Tong Chen Hao's video