Car bursts into flames at Clementi Ave 4, charred with hole in bonnet


Ashley Tan | August 29, 2020, 01:13 AM

A vehicle caught fire at about 10pm on Aug. 28, resulting in traffic being redirected away from the road.

Fire engulfs car

The car had burst into flames near Block 320 Clementi Avenue 4.

A video of the incident posted to Facebook captured the scene, showing a large blaze engulfing the entire car as other vehicles passed by.

Towards the end of the clip, a loud bang could be heard.

Passers-by that Mothership spoke to at the scene said the car initially started emitting smoke from under the hood.

The driver then stopped his vehicle beside the divider and moved to the pavement to take photos.

The car caught fire soon after.

Passers-by claimed that there were explosions as well.


Once the fire was put out, numerous police officers were observed at the scene to help redirect traffic along the two-lane road.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Photo by Ashley Tan

The car was badly burnt as the entire surface was charred, and it was left with a huge hole in the bonnet.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Photo by Ashley Tan

The entire bumper appeared to have fallen off as well.

Photo by Ashley Tan

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told Mothership that they were alerted to the incident at around 10:34pm.

The fire involved a car and was extinguished with one water jet.

There were no reported injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Top photo from Shu Shu / FB and Ashley Tan