HDB residents burn incense paper on the ground sparking fire hazard concerns

Safety first.

Zhangxin Zheng | August 24, 2020, 12:12 PM

Two men were caught on camera burning incense papers on the ground in an open space by the grass patch at one HDB block recently.

The video which has been circulating over the weekend as it showed huge flames and flying ash produced by the incense burning on the ground.

A number of viewers called out the duo's action as "inconsiderate" and "dangerous".

Most comments raised concerns over potential fire hazards, which could endanger the devotees and residents living on the second floor, as well as damage public property, such as the wall painting and flooring.

Here's the video:

Several commenters pointed out that the duo should use enclosed bins or the containers provided by the town council.

The National Environment Agency has also urged devotees to be considerate in carrying out such religious practices.

On the website, NEA stated:

"Devotees who wish to burn incense as part of their religious observance should do so with consideration for others. For example, they should burn paper offerings using enclosed containers or containers provided by the Town Councils at various locations within the estates and not damage public property by burning indiscriminately on pavements, common corridors, void decks and other common property. NEA is also working with various religious organisations to reach out to their members in this regard."

Various religious groups have come together to urge devotees to use designated burners and to ensure the living environment is kept clean and safe:

Currently, there are no regulations against the burning of incense in public places.

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Top image via Singapore Road Accident/Facebook video screenshot