Blind adopted cat comforts S'porean boy with ADHD whenever he has meltdown

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Ashley Tan | August 25, 2020, 08:45 PM

Pets bring much joy into their owners' lives.

But not only do these animals act as beloved companions to liven up one's life, they can provide much needed emotional support as well.

Calms son down

One Julie Chong shared on Facebook how her adopted pet cat is able to calm her son down.

In her post, Chong revealed that her six-year-old son, Eden, has mild Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Speaking to Mothership, she said that although he has since "mellowed down", Eden would have frequent meltdowns in the past.

Individuals with ADHD can have trouble with self-control and regulating their emotions, which could lead to angry outbursts.

"Sometimes, he is not easy to handle," Chong said of her son. However, ChuChu, their blind pet cat, would help out in her own way.

Despite her blindness, the cat would go over to lay beside and comfort Eden.

Photos she posted show ChuChu lying on the floor beside the boy.

Photo from Julie Chong / FB

To Chong's surprise, Eden would calm down once ChuChu lays down next to him.

Photo from Julie Chong / FB

Rescued Chuchu as a kitten

Chong shared that ChuChu was abandoned as a kitten. She was subsequently rescued by Catsi, a non-profit which helps stray cats in Singapore.

Chong then decided to adopt ChuChu, and the feline grew up alongside Eden.

ChuChu was diagnosed with neurological issues, according to Chong, and was not expected to be able to walk.

Nevertheless, she managed to recover, and has managed to live her life as a normal cat, despite the fact that her neurological issues left her blind.

Recognising how much comfort and support ChuChu is able to give Eden, Chong said that now she simply lets ChuChu take over when her son is struggling.

"Whenever he had his meltdown, ChuChu seems to know how to tackle the situation. So this time, i leave it to ChuChu to be there for him and slowly she make her way to Eden."

Chong also used her story to urge Facebook users to teach their children to be compassionate towards stray cats.

You can read her full post here.

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Top photo from Julie Chong / FB