2 women set up 'pantry' in Bedok for people to take & drop off food on Aug. 8, 'no questions asked'


Tanya Ong | August 08, 2020, 08:56 PM

Sometimes, it just takes a simple gesture to help someone in need.

Heartwarming community initiative

One woman in Singapore took to Facebook to share an initiative that she was running on Aug. 8.

Germaine Yap wrote on the morning of Aug. 8 that she and another person, Janice Goh, have started a "pop up stall" opposite Block 41 of Bedok South Road.

She said that people are free to drop off food items, and those who need food are welcome to pick some up as well.

"No questions asked," she added.

Yap said that they would be there until 1pm. The post had been written around 9:50am.

In the photos shared by Yap and Goh, the setup involves a table with various food items including rice, oil, tinned food and biscuits.

Janice Goh/FB

Photo by Germaine Yap/FB

Here's the location of where the women were stationed:

Janice Goh/FB

And here's the table, located right next to the pavement along the road.

Janice Goh/FB

Their gesture was met with praise from many, with some even suggesting alternate locations.

This is Yap's post:

In an Aug. 6 Facebook post, Goh had first shared her intention to set up a "pantry" along Bedok South road.

Top photo via Germaine Yap, Janice Goh/FB