3 men smack one another at Bedok 85 hawker centre because they stare at one another & talk loudly

Post-circuit breaker, people in Singapore going outdoors to get some fresh air and smacks in the face.

Belmont Lay | August 30, 2020, 04:27 PM

Three men got into a scuffle at 85 Fengshan Centre in Bedok North at night.

A two-minute video of the incident was put up on Facebook on Aug. 30, which showed what went down -- or rather, who kept going down. (Hint: A third person who entered the fray at the third and final part.)

The reason for the altercation is not entirely clear, but it can be reverse engineered according to the conversation conducted in low-level dialect between two of the three men in the first two-thirds of the video.

Reason for scuffle

Apparently, one of the men in long pants, who looks like a lao beng, was having drinks, and the other man with leg tattoos, who also looks like a lao beng, was accused of shouting vulgarities and staring at the other group.

The two men then decided to take things behind the hawker centre beside the dumpster.

Whole exchange caught on video

The entire exchange was caught on camera, which explains why both sides appeared to practise restrain by not engaging in an all-out walloping session from the get-go.

Neither side appeared to want to throw the first punch.

Full translation of exchange

Here is a translation of the conversation in the video for the benefit of those who don't understand dialect:

First part

Tattoo leg man: Come here...

Long pants man: What do you want? You were very loud just now at the front. I was drinking beer...

Tattoo leg man: What do you want?

Long pants man: I didn't touch you, did I touch you? What do you want?

Tattoo leg man: Come here, come over to this side...

Long pants man: Go over there?

[Lights cigarette to smoke]

[Camera person follows]

Second part

Tattoo leg man: What do you want? [Says this repeatedly]

Long pants man: What do you want?

Tattoo leg man: What do you want? You asked me to come round the back, what do you want?

Long pants man: When I was walking at the front, what did you say to me?

Tattoo leg man: What did I say?

Long pants man: Ha?

Tattoo leg man: Ha?

Long pants man: What did you say?

Tattoo leg man: What did I say? What do you want?

[Green laser pointer shining at the men, a sign that a sniper was on the roof or someone having fun with a laser pointer]

Long pants man: What did you say?

[Reaches out to touch Tattoo Leg Man]

Tattoo leg man: Don't touch me ah...

Long pants man: Brother...

Tattoo leg man: Don't touch me...

Long pants man: I didn't touch you... I am just doing my thing...

Tattoo leg man: What you mean doing your thing... you not playing? What you mean you doing your thing?

[Long pants man takes a drag on cigarette, his phone rings, and interrupts proceedings as a symphonic ringtone emanates from his waist pouch slung across his chest like a YP]

Long pants man: [Talks into phone without saying "Hello" first] Same, at the back.

Tattoo leg man: Let's see if you've got more people or I've got more people.

Long pants man: I'm not saying got more people or don't have more people, you crazy one. I was drinking alcohol and you were shouting from the second storey, 'LNBCB'...

Tattoo leg man: You don't say LJ words, when did I use vulgarities?

Long pants man: You didn't use vulgarities? You were looking over and staring...

Tattoo leg man: Why can't I see? I see if you don't have willy. What are you going to do?

[Long pants man's phone rings again and interprets proceedings with symphonic ringtone emanating from his waist pouch slung across his chest like a YP]

Third part

[Third man shows up like John Cena]

Third man: Eh you not happy is it?

Tattoo leg man: You not happy ah?

[Third man walks into rubbish bin with a thud]

[Long pants man tries to intervene]

[Tattoo leg man punches Third man who goes down]

[Tattoo leg man then punches Long pants man, who punches back, with his cigarette in his mouth]

One of the three men shout: LNBCB

[Third man gets back and scuffles and falls to the ground again, which is unlike the real John Cena who would have ended proceedings already]

[Long pants man chases Tattoo leg man as Third man gets back up and chases Long pants man as well]

[Long pants man gtfo]

[Video ends as Third man goes down again]

And this is how all three men might never get to go back to 85 Fengshan Centre to eat soup minced meat noodles and drink beer again because it is too embarrassing as everyone will recognise them, or at least their voices.


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