Australia man sits in car to escape roommate being ‘too loud’ in bedroom, gets fined for breaking lockdown rules

Another man was issued a fine for visiting his friend's house to practice his DJ skills.

Andrew Koay | August 11, 2020, 04:32 PM

In Melbourne, Australia, authorities are currently fighting to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control, having declared a state of disaster last Sunday (Aug. 2).

As such, they've implemented the city's strictest restrictions yet according to 9 News, including:

  • The curfew will last from 8:00pm to 5:00am daily, with exceptions for work, medical care and caregiving.
  • People will only be allowed to leave their homes for necessary goods and services, medical care or compassionate reasons, exercise, work and education as necessary.
  • Shopping and exercise are only allowed within a 5km radius of one's home.
  • Remote learning in schools for most students.

"Peace and quiet"

However, some residents weren't taking the measures very seriously, as illustrated by the 202 fines issued on Aug. 10 by Victorian police, reported The Age.

Amongst those to have breached Melbourne's Covid-19 restrictions, was one man found 5km from his home, sitting in a stationary car in a car park.

When asked what he was doing, the man told police that he had left his house to get some "peace and quiet".

Purportedly, his housemate had brought an intimate partner home, and they were being "too loud" in the bedroom.

Another incident saw police find a man at his friend's house at night.

He claimed he was there to practise his DJ skills.

According to The Age, both men were fined A$1,652 (S$1,626).

Second wave of infections

Australia's second-largest city is experiencing a huge second wave of infections after they appeared to have quelled the virus in April.

On Aug. 5, the state of Victoria confirmed 725 new cases of Covid-19, a record high for the state.

In the first wave, the highest one day increase was 111 news cases.

More recently, ABC News reported that epidemiologists were "cautiously optimistic" as the state's daily cases started to decline.

The 322 new infections confirmed on Aug. 9 was the lowest Victoria had seen in more than 10 days.

Yesterday, the state recorded 331 new cases.

Yet, Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has warned that there is no "magic number" for the state to reach before restrictions are eased.

In total, Australia has reported 21,713 cases of Covid-19.

Victorian cases make up more than half of those, with the state confirming 15,251 infections thus far.

Top image by chairulfajar and Krzysztof Kotkowicz via Unsplash