Audi driver parks at Tampines HDB void deck, says that's the purpose of mobility ramp

Tampines town council said that the woman's act of parking is "a serious infringement and puts our residents’ safety at risk".

Jane Zhang | August 28, 2020, 11:30 AM

Last Sunday, one black Audi car found its way to an HDB void deck in Tampines.

Like this:

Photo via Stomp.

Stomp reported that a woman was seen with her Audi parked at the void deck of Block 324 Tampines Street 32 on Aug. 23 afternoon.

This unusual (and illegal) parking naturally caught the attention of one resident.

The resident who was passing by then suggested to her that the void deck was not an appropriate place to park her car.

The woman allegedly responded rudely, saying, "Then the ramp there is for what?"

Photo via Stomp.

According to the submission to Stomp, the woman then called someone with her phone, and told the person on the other end of the line that a "stupid man" was telling her where she was or wasn't allowed to park her car.

As such, the woman's behaviour sparked much furore among netizens.

According to HDB guidelines, the woman could be fined S$70 for not parking in a parking lot.

Tampines Town Council responds

Responding to's queries, Tampines Town Council stated it was made aware of the situation through the Stomp article.

It stated that the act of parking at the HDB void deck is "a serious infringement and puts our residents’ safety at risk," and that the access ramp was installed to facilitate drop-offs for wheelchair-bound residents.

The Town Council also requested that the resident who encountered this incident, or any other witnesses, to share with them a photograph of the car plate number in order for them to take enforcement actions.

"We would also like to take this opportunity to advise all motorists to abide by the Parking Places Rules and to keep our common spaces safe for all," the Town Council added.

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Top photo via Stomp. H/T: Stomp