'Didn't know you were such a fake b*tch': Xiaxue responds to Narelle Kheng's tweet on her

Kheng had shared a tweet with photos and screenshots of Xiaxue's support for Donald Trump.

Jane Zhang | July 09, 2020, 12:47 PM

On Jul. 8, local singer Narelle Kheng shared a tweet highlighting influencer Xiaxue's support for U.S. president Donald Trump.

In response, Xiaxue replied on Twitter, calling Kheng a "fake b*tch".

Kheng's tweet came after a police report was lodged against Xiaxue — whose real name is Wendy Cheng — for an alleged racist tweet from 2010.

"Just.. Leaving. This. Here......"

On Jul. 8, Kheng shared a tweet reading "Just.. Leaving. This. Here......", and included four photos of Xiaxue expressing her support for Donald Trump.

The tweet, which has been retweeted more than 1,900 times at the time of writing, includes a photograph of Xiaxue wearing a Make America Great Again hat and reading Trump's book The Art of the Deal, and a photograph of her holding a mug that reads "liberal tears".

Image via Twitter / @narellekheng.

Image via Twitter / @narellekheng.

It also includes two screenshots from a Coconuts Singapore article about Xiaxue declaring her support for Trump on a now-banned Reddit section, r/The_Donald.

The photos and Reddit thread were from 2017.

In screenshots of the Reddit thread, Xiaxue purportedly wrote:

"I’m coming out of the closet. Everywhere I go people discriminate me for my orientation, but love is love! ❤️ I heard this place is the most accepting for people like me. Is it true? MAGA!!! #womenfortrump #asiansfortrump #pinkhairedradicalfeministlookingwomenfortrump"

She also alleged that "it is really more dangerous to come out of the closet as a trump supporter than a homosexual these days" because "at least gays have laws protecting them!"

Xiaxue replies

Replying to Kheng's tweet, Xiaxue replied by saying that she did not know that Kheng was "such a fake b*tch" when the two of them were filming together.

Kheng and Xiaxue starred in the Toggle comedy series Lifespam, which aired in 2017, together.

To Xiexue's jab, Kheng replied early on Jul. 9 saying that she had grown up since then.

On the afternoon of Jul. 9, Xiaxue responded saying that she had considered Kheng a friend even though they weren't close, and said that Kheng could speak with her personally instead:

Xiaxue's 2010 tweet

Vignesh Sankar Iyer, 21, told Mothership that he filed a police report against Xiaxue on Monday (July 6), which he filmed himself doing and posted on Instagram.

Xiaxue's tweet in question, which has since been deleted, read:

"Coz they molest people and f*** our maids and leer at girls and flood little India!! Yeah I’m stereotyping, but f*** u if u say its not true."

In a blog post titled "Raeesah Khan, GE 2020, and being labeled a Racist", Xiaxue confirmed that a police report was lodged against her and that police had visited her house to get a statement on July 7.

"I’m fine, the police were pretty nice and just asked why I wrote what I wrote etc. It is important to note that once a police report is filed, the police are are obligated to make an investigation. This by no means shows I will be charged.

By instruction of the police, I was told to remove the offending articles but they have more or less gone viral now, so really, there is no point in the deleting."

At around 3:45pm on Jul. 7, "Punish XiaXue" became the number one trend on Twitter in Singapore.

Dropped by brands

People online called on several brands, including Caltex, Benefit and Brother, and Fresh, to end their ambassadorships or sponsorships with Xiaxue, or threatened to boycott them.

"No one wants to do business with a company that is represented by a racist and a transphobe," wrote one online commenter.

On July 6, Fresh announced through Instagram comments that it has ended its partnership with Xiaxue.

In response, Xiaxue told Mothership that she is "disappointed" with the brands' decisions, but that she understands where they are coming from because they were "harassed by these trolls".

She went on to blast cancel culture, calling the actions of the "woke mob" blackmail.

In response to the backlash, Xiaxue also posted a lengthy Instagram post, insisting that she will not be bullied into silence by netizens nor be forced to be a "hypocritical woke sheep".

Top images via Twitter / @narellekheng.