WP's Marine Parade GRC broadcast speech: S'pore needs MPs who can connect with the people

The team face a PAP team with Tan Chuan-Jin.

Guan Zhen Tan | Sulaiman Daud | July 06, 2020, 10:45 AM

On July 5, the Workers' Party team contesting Marine Parade GRC issued their speeches during the Constituency Broadcast.

The WP team, led by former NCMP Yee Jenn Jong, also consists of Ron Tan, Nathaniel Koh, Azhar Abdul Latip, and Fadli Fawzi.

Their full speeches are as follows:

Ron Tan




大家好, 我是陈俊元.

























Nathaniel Koh

Dear voters of Marine Parade GRC, my name is Nathaniel Koh.

The Workers’ Party is here again to bring Marine Parade together. Marine Parade GRC is diverse in many ways. Geography, distance, what type of house you live, whether you’re young or young at heart.

There is strength in diversity and we want to harness that strength.

From the kampung spirit of Chai Chee to the history of Joo Chiat. From the village vibe of Siglap to the hustle of Serangoon. From the working heartland of Ubi to the neighbourliness of Eunos. From the heritage of Geylang Serai to the flavours of Katong. Let us bring Marine Parade together.

We, the Workers’ Party candidates for Marine Parade GRC, will speak up for you in Parliament. We will speak up on national issues, and help you with your local ones.

Collectively, we have the experience, expertise, and commitment to serve you. Like you, we are ordinary Singaporeans. We’ve been through hard times. We know what it’s like to fall and get back up.

Within Marine Parade GRC, we want to bring Marine Parade, Together. We want to empower you to shape your community.

We will listen to you. We will be guided by you. We will walk with you. Make your voice count. Make your ideas count.

Make your vote count. Vote for the Workers’ Party.

Muhammad Azhar Abdul Latip

Salam sejahtera kepada para pengundi GRC Marine Parade. Saya, Azhar Latip, calon Parti Pekerja bagi Kawasan GRC Marine Parade.

Parti Pekerja telah kembali sekali lagi dengan matlamat untuk bersama dengan anda. GRC Marine Parade mempunyai kepelbagaian dari segi geography, jarak, seni bina, mahupun usia.

Dalam kepelbagaian terdapat kekuatan yang dapat kita manfaatkan. Dari semangat kampung Chai Chee sehinggalah ke sejarah Joo Chiat. Dari getaran nadi Siglap sehinggalah kemeriahan Serangoon. Dari gerak nadi pekerja di Ubi sehingga ke semangat kejiranan Eunos. Dari warisan Geylang Serai sehinggalah keakraban Katong. Marilah kita bersatu.

Kami calon Parti Pekerja bagi Kawasan GRC Marine Parade, berikrar untuk menjadi suara anda di parlimen.

Kami akan mengetengahkan isu-isu kebangsaan dan membantu anda mengatasi isu- isu tempatan. Berbekalkan pengalaman, kebolehan dan semangat yang jitu, Insyallalh kami boleh berkhidmat untuk anda.

Seperti anda, kami juga rakyat Singapura biasa. Kami faham cabaran yang anda lalui, dan kami bersedia untuk berkhidmat untuk membantu anda bangkit semula.

Kami bersatu demi anda, untuk anda.

Penduduk GRC Marine Parade, anda berhak untuk membentuk masa depan anda Keluhan anda akan diambil kira. Anda tidak akan diabaikan.

Suara dan pendapat anda menentukan hala tuju masyarakat dan negara kita. Manfaatkan undi anda, undilah Parti Pekerja.

Muhammad Fadli Mohammed Fawzi

Dear voters of Marine Parade GRC,

My name is Fadli Fawzi.

Voting for the Workers’ Party means having representatives in Parliament who would listen to you, care for you, and fight for you.

This is our unwavering commitment.

In this broadcast, I want to reassure the residents who are thinking of giving us a chance, but who may be anxious about the future of the estate under the Workers’ Party.

I have served as a Town Councillor in Aljunied-Hougang for the past six years. Managing a Town Council, especially as the opposition, is indeed challenging. For one, we had to work harder with far fewer resources.

We have learned a lot and grown from our experience. We are now better prepared to take over and run a Town Council effectively.

We have also created a new accounting software system to help us manage Town Council matters. This will ensure that the handover process will be smooth and that services to residents will not be disrupted.

So I promise the residents of Marine Parade, the estate will be kept clean, the lifts will work, and you will still get to enjoy the amenities in the neighbourhood.

But the Workers’ Party wants to do more than just provide efficient municipal services. We want to build a Marine Parade where there is a sense of community and belonging. We want every single Marine Parade resident to feel that they matter.

So let me share with you the Workers’ Party’s vision for Marine Parade. We want to build a neighbourhood that is inclusive, cohesive, and accountable.

  • First, inclusivity is about ensuring that each and every resident of Marine Parade is able to live with dignity. We will pay particular attention to the vulnerable and those with greater needs, especially the elderly and the disadvantaged.
  • Second, cohesion means strengthening the community ethos between the residents and neighbours of Marine Parade. This will be a welcoming home for everyone, regardless of your ethnicity or religion, or even your political allegiance.
  • Third, accountability reflects our pledge to be transparent and resident-centric on matters of estate governance.

We will seek your civic participation in monthly town halls where we will listen to your thoughts about how to improve Marine Parade. These town halls will also create social capital in the community, making us more resilient in times of crisis.

These three principles -- inclusivity, cohesion, and accountability -- are our guiding lights.

Under the Workers’ Party, Marine Parade will not just be your home, but the neighbourly sanctuary that we all belong to: Marine Parade, Together.

So Make Your Vote Count and Vote for the Workers’ Party.

Yee Jenn Jong

大家好。我是余振忠. 我是一名教育企业家, 也曾当过非选区国会议员。

I'm Yee Jenn Jong. I contested in Joo Chiat SMC and became a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament. I contested in Marine Parade GRC in 2015. I thank all the voters of Joo Chiat and Marine Parade who had supported the Workers’ Party since 2006.

The Workers’ Party is back, with yet another dedicated team. We have never left. Over the past few years, despite the challenges of not having been elected, we have initiated various community projects in this GRC. We continue to visit residents. We are touched by your encouragement and support.

You have heard from my team mates about our hopes for a better Singapore and a better Marine Parade, together. The now-daily 400 packs of food distribution that we have initiated since Day 1 of the Covid Circuit Breaker had taught me that we can have ground up residents programmes. The distribution is run by volunteers, some of them living in rental flats with a big heart to help their neighbours.

We can build a better Marine Parade, not just with infrastructure, but to invest in people so that the initiatives can be ground-up, by Marine Parade residents, for Marine Parade residents.

The PAP has told you that Singapore only has enough talent for a Team A, that only the PAP can run this place. My years of participation in the alternative camp tell me otherwise. Hougang and Aljunied are well maintained, just like any town in Singapore. The Workers’ Party has raised many issues in parliament and in a responsible way. Our proposals are made with serious thoughts.

I am concerned that the PAP has led Singapore for the past two decades by simply injecting more capital and labour, especially low wage migrant workers without meaningful growth in productivity. This has led to an overcrowded Singapore, depressed wages for many of us, and vast inequality.

I am concerned that we have not adapted fast enough to industry disruptions. We have many retrenched PMETs. Many of us struggle with the high cost of living. Two out of three working Singaporeans do not have enough savings for beyond six months. It is as if we are two different countries in one small island.

Dear Singaporeans, the PAP does not have a monopoly of power. Our team members are passionate, hardworking and resilient.

Ron has many years of experience serving in the grassroots in Aljunied. He served under Mr Low Thia Khiang for the past 3 years.

Nathaniel, an IT professional, has been with the Party for 11 years and is actively assisting Mr Pritam Singh.

Azhar had to take a year’s break from university to earn money for his school fees. He graduated from NUS, had a stable career. Then he lost a leg and his job after a nasty road accident. These did not kill his desire to want to be a voice for ordinary Singaporeans.

Fadli is driven by his passion to help the less fortunate. He switched to being a lawyer because he wants to be better equipped to champion for ordinary Singaporeans. He has been a Town Councillor in Aljunied-Hougang for six years.

Singapore needs Members of Parliament who can connect with the people, who cares deeply for them. We have the right team to be your voice in Parliament and to manage this town well. The PAP wants 100 per cent dominance of Parliament. They tell you that you can have 12 NCMPs because they want to have it all. They want to win all 93 seats.

As a former NCMP, I can tell you that this is not an effective check against the government. The PAP only fears when it starts to have (a) low vote share. Do not give the PAP a blank cheque. Make your vote count. Vote The Workers’ Party.


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