Mandopop star Wilber Pan announces marriage with air stewardess girlfriend


Mabel Wong | July 28, 2020, 12:49 PM

Taiwanese-American singer Wilber Pan recently announced his marriage to his air stewardess girlfriend, Luna.

"Found my other half"

On July 27, the 39-year-old uploaded a picture of him with his parents and wife to Instagram.

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大家好,2020真的是讓大家很辛苦的一年,所以一直在找尋我覺得適合的時機告訴大家。今天,我想與大家分享一件好事。 是的,我现在很幸福,已經有了和我一起共度下半生的另一半,並正式展開我們的家庭生活啦! 希望大家能給予我們祝福, 我們在這裡謝謝你們, 也希望你們也能找到屬於自己的幸福 。

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In the caption, he shared:

"Hi everyone, 2020 has really been a tough year for everyone, so I've been trying to find the right time to tell everyone this. Today, I'd like to share a good piece of news with you.

Yes, I'm very happy now, I've found my other half that I plan to spend the rest of my life with, and we can officially start a family life together!

I hope everyone can give us their blessings.

We would like to thank everyone and we also hope that you guys will be able to find your own happiness too."

26-year-old Luna, who has 46,000 followers on Instagram, did not post anything about the union to her Instagram feed.

She re-shared Pan's post on Weibo with two hearts, however.

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每个人都是不同的灵魂个体 你才是自己的摆渡人.

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Pan's announcement also received the attention of his celebrity friends, including fellow singers Jay Chou and JJ Lin.

Screenshot from @willpan23 | Instagram.

Screenshot from @willpan23 | Instagram.

Past marriage rumours

Discussions of Pan's relationship status have been going on for quite some time, with marriage rumours already spreading since 2019.

According to Mirror Media, Pan's father, who is a business management and psychology professor, had let slip the news during a class lecture

Rumours of marriage and Luna expecting quickly spread online.

However, the rumours were dismissed by Pan himself, as he said that there was "no one willing to marry him yet."

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