Thai grandpa makes signboard to find masked grandchild among masked students in school

The grandchild's nickname is 'Cake'.

Mabel Wong | July 09, 2020, 03:32 PM

Alhough Thailand has eased their lockdown restrictions, students going to school are still required to wear masks.

And with everyone wearing similar masks and uniforms, it's bound to get confusing for adults tasked with picking up their children.

But a simple yet effective way to identify the correct child has been discovered.

Chauffeur-like signboard

In a Facebook post shared on July 2, one grandfather in Thailand was seen holding a sign with his grandchild's nickname on it.

According to Facebook user Biony Bell Boonyuen, the grandfather had a hard time identifying his grandchild among the horde of students knocking off from classes.

His solution? Holding a sign with his grandchild's nickname on it.

Praises for grandpa

With more than 7,000 shares and 6,900 reactions, the post garnered plenty of comments admiring the grandfather's adorable nature and sharing their own stories.

According to ETtoday, some of the comments include:

"The grandpa's method is quite modern"

"So cute, I'm going to bring a neon sign to fetch my child tomorrow"

"Today my husband went to fetch the kid but couldn't find them. In the end, he had to ask the teacher."

Kudos to the grandfather's ingenuity.

Recommended to wear masks when necessary

Thailand's Ministry of Public Health has recommended its citizens to wear face masks and wash their hands frequently when in crowded places.

However, only three of Thailand's provinces, Phuket, Samut Sakhorn, and Chanthaburi, have made it compulsory to wear masks.

Top images from Biony Bell Boonyuen | FB.