Jurong MP Tan Wu Meng to retire as political officeholder to focus on medical practice

He was a political office holder since May 2018.

Fasiha Nazren | Matthias Ang | July 25, 2020, 02:59 PM

On July 25, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced the new cabinet line-up and other political appointments.

Tan Wu Meng to focus on medical practice

Part of this announcement includes the retirement of three political office holders, including member of parliament for Jurong GRC, Tan Wu Meng.

According to Lee, Tan has asked to leave the government to return to medical practice.

This means Tan will be retiring from his role as the Senior Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade and Industry.

He was appointed the role in May 2018.

However, he will continue to remain to as an MP in Jurong GRC.

Tan: "First love" is looking after people personally

In a Facebook post, Tan stated that his "first love" was personally looking after patients and people.

As such, he had asked PM Lee if he could return to medical practice, to which the Prime Minister agreed.

In a letter sent to Tan, PM Lee thanked Tan for his contributions, describing him as a "valued member" of his team and praised him for carrying out his duties "ably and efficiently" in his official capacity.

On the international front, PM Lee highlighted Tan's interest in enhancing Singapore's trade relationship with Africa and the Middle East, and the interest and advice that he provided for Singapore's negotiating teams.

As for the domestic front, PM Lee noted that Tan had been involved in strengthening the country's "competition regime" and had also supported the work of the Pro-Enterprise Panel to create a more business-friendly environment.

In addition, Tan had also "felt strongly" about deterring unfair business practices, pushed initiatives for better consumer protection, encouraged the development of commercially viable clean-energy solutions and "moving amendments" to the Electricity Act and Gas Act in Parliament, to keep it up to date.

PM Lee then concluded:

"Your sincerity, thoughtfulness and work ethic came through in all of your work. I look forward to your continuing contributions in Parliament, particularly as they will benefit from what you have learnt from your time in government."

Retiring office holders

Two others will also step down as political officeholders.

Khaw Boon Wan will be retiring as the Coordination Minister for Infrastructure and the Minister for Transport (MOT).

Sam Tan will be retiring as the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Social and Family Development.

He will also be stepping down as the Chairman of the Government's feedback unit, REACH.

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Top image from Tan Wu Meng's Facebook page.