PAP candidate Tan See Leng clarifies issue of holding up to 69 directorships

He said he only holds one paid directorship now.

Belmont Lay | July 01, 2020, 12:45 PM

People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Tan See Leng has taken to Facebook to address online allegations that he would not have time to serve residents as a Member of Parliament (MP) as he holds a large number of directorships in various healthcare companies

Tan, 55, is contesting in Marine Parade group representation constituency (GRC).

Claims of holding multiple directorships

A post on social media listed all the positions Tan held and claimed he is holding 69 positions in total.

It also questioned if he would have time and energy to even serve as a part-time MP for Marine Parade GRC if elected.

In his Facebook reply, Tan said he no longer holds those positions, as he had retired from IHH Healthcare at the end of Dec. 31, 2019.

“I wish to correct the wrong impression," he wrote in his Facebook post.

"The directorships were the result of my position as the Group CEO and MD of the listed company IHH Healthcare Bhd.”

“With the cessation of my employment, all my directorships of active companies related to the group have also ceased at the end of 31 December 2019. The directorships listed are part of dormant companies in the process of undergoing voluntary liquidation and winding up which do not require any active work nor time.”

Tan said he currently holds four directorships.

They are Surbana Jurong, the only paid one, and the others at social enterprise raiSE, NUH Fund Ltd and NUH Health Research Endowment Fund that are unpaid.

He is also volunteering as an adviser for Temasek Foundation.

Tan replaces Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong as chairman of the Marine Parade PAP branch.

Goh is retiring from politics.

Top photo via Tan See Leng