June 2020 was coolest June in S'pore in 20 years

More such weather, please.

Belmont Lay | July 14, 2020, 11:49 PM

Singapore experienced the coolest June in 20 years.

This once-in-a-long-while weather was confirmed by the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS).

MSS also confirmed that Singapore experienced the wettest June in 10 years.

June 2020's cool and wet weather ended a record 28 months of above-average monthly temperatures since February 2018.

On July 1, MSS reported that a monthly mean temperature of 28.1°C for June 2020, which was 0.2°C cooler than the long-term June average.

The total rainfall for June was 233.8mm, higher than the previous high of 213mm recorded in June 2011.

Singapore's annual rainfall total has been increasing by 97mm per decade on average since 1980, and the latest data is part of a decades-long phenomenon.

Heavy rainfalls have also become more common over the past few decades.

MSS attributes the cool weather for June 2020 to the rain, and said that currently available research information cannot “definitively attribute” this trend to global warming, natural climate variability or other effects including urbanisation.

More rain simply means more cloud cover, which reduces surface temperature.

Singapore's temperatures have been warming since 1972.

June marks the start of the Southwest Monsoon season.

This is when short showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon and occasional Sumatra Squalls -- thunderstorms moving east across Singapore -- just before dawn and midday, MSS said.

Top photo via Unsplash