Sengkang GRC MP-elect Raeesah Khan, 26, set to be youngest MP in modern S'pore

A feat.

Belmont Lay | July 11, 2020, 07:28 AM

The Workers' Party Sengkang GRC MP-elect Raeesah Khan looks set to be the youngest MP in Parliament the moment she gets sworn in.

At 26, she is one year younger than the previous youngest MPs in the house.

The previous youngest MPs were 27 years old.

The most recent youthful MP was 27-year-old Tin Pei Ling, who was the PAP's youngest candidate in the 2011 Singapore general election.

That year, after winning the election as part of the Marine Parade GRC team, Tin became the youngest MP in Parliament.

Tan Soo Khoon, a former Speaker of the House, was previously the youngest MP in modern Singapore when he was elected in 1976 at 27 years old.

The late Lim Chin Siong, co-founder of the People's Action Party and Barisan Socialis Secretary-General, still holds the record for the youngest ever parliamentarian in Singapore history.

Lim was just 22 when he was elected into the legislative assembly as a member for Bukit Timah in 1955, before Singapore's independence.

A mother

Khan is married with an infant son.

In this election, Raeesah was seen as a major force in capturing the youth vote and imagination, despite having police reports filed against her.

According to the WP candidate profile, Raeesah has been an activist since she was 17.

Prior to her foray into politics, she founded the Reyna Movement, an organisation that operates in Singapore and Johor that aims to empower marginalised women and children through upskilling programme and community engagement.

In Singapore, she works through her organisation with women’s shelters, people without homes, at-risk children and low-income families.

Youngest candidate this GE2020

However, Raeesah is not the youngest candidate this GE2020.

Choo Shaun Ming from the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) earns that distinction for this current contest.

Turning 23 this year, he is currently a student.

He contested in the Chua Chu Kang GRC.

PAP won with 58.64 per cent of the votes.

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