Lava bomb remnants found in Pulau Tekong as it used to be 3km away from active volcano

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Sumita Thiagarajan | July 20, 2020, 05:26 PM

Pulau Tekong isn't just home to the military training grounds, it's also home to volcanic lava bombs.

According to a Facebook post by the Earth Observatory of Singapore, the lava bombs on the eastern part of Pulau Tekong were from a volcano found in Santi, southeast Johor.

The volcano erupted about 240 million years ago.

From the size of the lava bombs, it can be deduced that the volcano was less than three kilometres away from the island.

What are lava bombs?

Volcanic bombs, or lava bombs, are lumps of molten magma, which are ejected from volcanoes when lava interacts with gases, according to ABC News.

They start off in a liquid state and cool down and solidify as they fly through the air.

The size of a lava bomb varies, and can be as small as an apple or even as big as a refrigerator, reported ABC News.

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Top photo via NAS, Shawn Appel on Unsplash