People's Voice is Lim Tean's voice as he speaks for 10 minutes while 3 team mates silent

POFMA office on high alert.

Belmont Lay | July 05, 2020, 09:15 PM

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People's Voice chief, Lim Tean, singlehandedly spoke for 10 minutes during his party's political broadcast on July 5, 2020.

Nativist speech

In a speech that can only be described as Trumpian, nativist, and highly POFMA-able, Lim took aim at the ruling party, his opponent, PAP's Josephine Teo, and even the preparedness of Singapore in dealing with Covid-19.

In an accusation levelled at the current government for siding with foreigners, Lim said Singaporeans are sad that they are not favoured here:

"They look with sadness at the fact that this government is bestowing generosity and love on foreigners, more than their own citizens and they do not understand why."

Attacked leadership

Lim repeatedly took pot shots at the existing leadership in Singapore, by calling attention to the inequality that exists between a cleaner and a government leader, and pinned Singapore's 40,000-plus Covid-19 cases on Teo.

Lim said about Teo:

"She is singularly responsible for the great explosion of Covid-19 cases in the foreign workers' dormitories."

"But she either did not care or she was careless and she allowed the event to happen."

"Josephine Teo is also the minister who once said that inequality is a sign of the economy's success."

Lim then called this coming vote a "referendum" on Teo.

Covid-19 a bio-weapon

Lim's provocative address touched on many other areas, including questioning Singapore's reluctance to cut down on defence spending to pay for welfare for citizens.

He then insinuated that Covid-19, if developed as a bio-weapon, would have exterminated Singaporeans because the current leaders are unable to make good decisions.

These two talking points were then somehow stitched together as one.

Lim said:

"There was so much speculation then if it was a naturally occurring virus, whether it was it was accidentally leaked from a laboratory, whether it was purposely leaked, or whether it was a bio-weapon."

"If it had been a bio-weapon, we would have needed to act with speed and decisiveness."

"But our government did not act with speed or decisiveness, despite the fact they told us they had been prepared for 17 years after SARS."

"There was a shortage of masks. And worse still, they were telling people to go about life as normal."

"They allowed Chingay, the Airshow, mass events to go ahead, when foreign participants had pulled out of the Airshow in order to protect their employees."

"This government was not protecting its citizens."

"On top of that, they were happily going about arranging Merdeka Generation events, when the elderly, the most vulnerable in society should have been protected."

"And we watched with horror. The photos, the videos, which circulated online about these mass events."


"We spend billions of dollars every year on defence."

"And whenever someone suggests that the defence budget should be cut, the PAP will pounce on that person and say that he or she is weak on defence."

"They will not even reconsider the allocation of a certain portion of the defence budget to health care or free schooling."

"Today, we have been described as one of the greatest failures as far as Covid-19 is concerned."

"My friends, I ask you to imagine, if Covid-19 had been a bio-weapon, Singaporeans would not have stood a chance with this bunch of 4G leaders."

"They cannot protect us in peacetime, let alone in wartime."

No time for other team mates to speak

The final 90 seconds of the broadcast was reserved for Lim to introduce his three other running mates who remained silent and po-faced throughout:

You can watch the People's Voice constituency political broadcast here: