PAP's Aljunied candidate to give more space to WP, won't be too involved in groundwork

They will channel the residents they are supporting to the programmes organised by the WP after November.

Nyi Nyi Thet | July 20, 2020, 04:44 PM

Shamsul Kamar was part of the Group Representation Constituency team that contested Aljunied. They ended up losing to the Workers' Party team 59.93 per cent to 40.07 per cent.

This was down from their very close contest in 2015, where they lost 50.95 per cent to 49.05 per cent.

After the results of this election, Shamsul put up a Facebook post detailing some of his plans for the Kaki Bukit area in the coming years.

Here is his post:

In the post, Shamsul thanked the residents for their continued support.

"This weekend I walked the 538 Market and Hawker Centre to thank stallholders and residents for their support and friendship bonds built over the years. I decided to do so this weekend as Mr Faisal Manap had walked the neighborhood early this week.

I wished every one well and to keep in touch personally as Kaki Bukit has been like a second home to me spending almost everyday there for the last 5 years."

However Shamsul also revealed that he will not be involved in much of "the ground work and day to day running of things".

His reason for that is to give WP more space.

"I also shared with them that I will not involve myself much in the ground work and day to day running of things to give space to the Workers Party (WP) with the increased mandate they had received during the last GE. I assured those I met they will be as committed due to the support they received."

Shamsul also laid out why he will be channeling residents that the PAP has been supporting to WP-organised programmes.

"Though the results of the last GE seem to indicate that many #kakibukit residents still supported my team as compared to other divisions due to the ground work we have done for the last 5 years especially for the elderly and low income families, we have to channel the residents we are supporting to the programmes organised by the WP after the duration period of ours ends in November."

He explained why this is.

"Again, this is so that the WP will be empowered to focus on serving the residents who have made their votes counted during the last GE. With this we will continue our engagement with the residents through the CC's PA network. We will still stay in touch."

You can read his full Facebook post here.

Image from Shamsul's Facebook