Otter family of 6 visits NUS University Town campus

Cute and smart.

Jane Zhang | July 14, 2020, 11:54 PM

As many university students prepare to start attending in-person classes again in just one month, an otter family had their own university adventure on Jul. 14.

In a video shared on Instagram by one Miguel Ochosa, a family of six otters can be seen frolicking on the pavement at the National University of Singapore's University Town campus.

Gif via Instagram / @miguel_ochosa.

Headed for residential college

Coming from the direction of Dover Road, the family of otters made their way toward one of the residential colleges in University Town, the College of Alice and Peter Tan.

Gif via Instagram / @miguel_ochosa.

There, they disappeared into the bushes, presumably to continue their learning adventure.

You can watch videos of the otters' adventures at NUS here:

Other otter spottings

Back in April, a family of six otters was spotted at a petrol station in Bukit Timah.

It is unclear whether this is the same family of otters that visited NUS.

In the past few months, groups of otters have been spotted all over the island, from Merlion Park to KK Women's and Children's Hospital to the Istana.

Top photos screenshot via Instagram / @miguel_ochosa.