NDP-inspired reusable face masks available for pre-order for S$8.90 each

Not part of the official NDP Singapore Together pack, but looks legit.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 17, 2020, 12:31 PM

You might have seen a series of photos via WhatsApp suggesting what the National Day Parade (NDP) Singapore Together pack would contain.

A few of those photos show NDP-design reusable face masks which have impressed some Singaporeans.

However, those are not part of the official NDP 2020 merchandise, Mothership has confirmed.

NDP design face masks not part of Singapore Together pack

These beautiful face masks are actually made by a company called Pefore.

A Pefore spokesperson told Mothership that they hope to add to the NDP atmosphere for Singaporeans with this NDP-design series of face masks during this trying period.

They were initially unaware that photos of their NDP design face masks were circulating around as official NDP items.

Five designs available

If you are interested to purchase one of those face masks with creative embroidery for National Day, here's how you can get them.

There are a total of five NDP-inspired designs, in either black or maroon colours.

Limited - 55

Photo from Pefore website.

Photo from Pefore website.

Fighter Jets

Photo courtesy of Pefore.

Photo courtesy of Pefore.

Flying Floral

Photo courtesy of Pefore.

Photo courtesy of Pefore.

Fighter Jet II

Photo courtesy of Pefore.

The Red Lions

Photo courtesy of Pefore.

Mask comes in different sizes

The spokesperson said that the outer layer of the mask is made of Medical Grade Fabric that is waterproof and the inner layer is made of Dri-fit material while the earloops are made of Rayon Lycra fabric with minimal stitches to cater to long hours of wearing.

The nose bridge wire in the face mask is made of aluminium and has a plastic coating around it.

The masks can be washed gently for at least 100 times.

The water-repellent functionality of the masks will drop by 10 per cent with every 100 washes, Pefore claims.

An indication to stop using their face masks is when the masks are not as water repellent anymore, the website stated.

There are four sizes too select to cater to toddlers, primary school children and two sizes for adults.

Available for preorder, selling at S$8.90

The company has already ended their first batch of pre-order but the second round of pre-order is still ongoing.

They are selling at S$8.90 each for the NDP series.

There is also a family bundle option, selling five NDP inspired face masks at S$42.

This second round of preorder will end on July 19, you can order them here.

Top photos via WhatsApp and Pefore website