S'pore food stall Mummy Yummy to take over 30-year-old vegetarian chain from elderly owners

The owners of the chain are in their 80s.

Ashley Tan | July 31, 2020, 03:33 PM

Local vegetarian hawker stall Mummy Yummy is known for their socially-conscious business model.

Aside from their various initiatives such as giving discounts on their food for cleaners, they also regularly distribute free food to the needy door-to-door.

Age catching up for restaurant owners

In a Facebook post on July 31, Mummy Yummy shared that they would be expanding their operations.

The food stall would be taking over the business of Eight Immortals Vegetarian Restaurant.

Starting off as a small hawker stall in Boon Lay in 1983, the franchise currently occupies 13 locations at various food courts around Singapore. At its peak, it had over 30 stalls islandwide.

However, the owners are nearing their eighties, and at their age, are finding it tough to continue running the chain.

Additionally, there is a lack of manpower and the owner's son will not be taking over the business. The elderly owners thus decided to hand over operations to Mummy Yummy.

According to the post, the owners of Eight Immortals are close to those of Mummy Yummy as well, and are confident that Eight Immortals is in good hands.

"They have watched us growing up from young and they are sure we will run it properly and not let it go to waste after so many years in the market."

Making changes

Mummy Yummy shared that they would be overhauling Eight Immortals to transform it's business model into a socially conscious one.

Some changes they will be implementing at the restaurant's outlets include distributing food from Eight Immortals to the needy, establishing an islandwide food delivery system, and improving the business' sustainability.

Mummy Yummy also assured that there would be numerous job openings for Singaporeans in the near future, and that staff would not be paid "peanuts".

They said in their post:

"We seek for everyone to give us ample time to do the changes in the business. We will try our best to bring out the “Shenton House Mummy Yummy Economic Rice Taste” across all the stalls under 8 Immortals Vegetarian as soon as possible and also our heavyweight products like Lor Mee and Laksa too!...

...Please look forward to our commitments and changes in 8 immortals Vegetarian. We know there are a lot of details to sort out but we will work hard on them and all our social projects in Mummy Yummy will not be affected in any way by this."

Mummy Yummy also thanked everyone for their support and encouragement, adding that they hoped to help Singaporeans in need and bring Eight Immortals "back to the peak again".

You can read their full post here.

Top photo from Mummy Yummy / FB