PM Lee: I will use PAP's 'clear mandate' responsibly

PM Lee also congratulated the WP for their strong performance.

Martino Tan | July 11, 2020, 01:18 PM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared his first Facebook post after the General Election (GE), saying that he is satisfied with the overall electoral outcome.

PM Lee said that the People's Action Party (PAP) has a "clear mandate", with the results showing broad-based support for the ruling party.

He added that he would use the mandate responsibly to deal with Covid-19 and the economic downturn, and to take Singapore safely through the crisis, and beyond.

He said that it "was not a feel-good election" with real concerns raised during the campaign that the leaders must address.

The PAP won 83 of 93 available seats, but the 61.2 per cent of the vote is a significant drop from its 69.9 per cent share in the 2015 general election.

Congratulated WP's strong performance

PM Lee also congratulated the Workers’ Party (WP) for their strong performance.

He said that he looks forward to them participating in and contributing to the debate in Parliament, and to the national debate.

One of the things PM Lee did was to call WP chief Pritam Singh personally to congratulate him and formally acknowledged him as the Leader of the Opposition.

"I told Mr Singh that with 10 MPs, I think it is right that he, the Workers' Party leader, be formally designated as the Leader of the Opposition, and that he will be provided with appropriate staff support and resources to perform his duties," said PM Lee.

WP won 10 seats, making history in achieving a victory in a second Group Representative Constituency (GRC).

Also thanked public officers and voters

PM Lee also thanked all public officers mobilised for election duties, who ensured that Singaporeans could vote safely.

Finally, he thanked all voters for their patience and understanding, emphasising that his team will continue to serve Singaporeans, whichever party they voted for.

You can see his post below:

Top photo from Lee Hsien Loong Facebook.