Lee Bee Wah cries in exit interview: Not just opposition can speak up for S'pore residents in Parliament

She added that she was not a "Yes-man".

Julia Yeo | Matthias Ang | July 05, 2020, 04:28 PM

Retiring Member of Parliament (MP) Lee Bee Wah got emotional as she spoke to the media among residents during a walkabout in Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency (GRC).

She was introducing new People's Action Party (PAP) candidate Carrie Tan to residents, calling Tan her successor.

Speaking in Mandarin to media during the walkabout, she stated that questions in Parliament weren't only raised by members of the opposition but also from the ruling party, pointing to herself as an example.

She said:

"Who spoke up for our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians?"

"Who spoke up for our contractors?"

"Who asked for sports venues to reopen (during Phase One after circuit breaker)?"

"Who suggested that all young neighbourhoods should have childcare centres?"

"As long as you have the heart to serve, and regularly walk around the constituency, you'll know what your residents need and know what you need to fight for your residents," Lee said.

Lee also mentioned that too many opposition voices in Parliament was not conducive as it would be "more difficult to get things done".

She mentioned that she has heard arguments about how Members of Parliament (MP) should be full-time.

In response, she said: "On which occasion have I not been around when my residents needed me?"

"I'm in Yishun almost everyday - whenever I'm free, I'd be visiting a block of flats or walking around a private estate neighbourhood."

She emphasised that having a sincere heart is the key to taking good care of residents.

"I'm not a 'yes-man', but I chose the PAP because I can see that the PAP is sincere about serving the people."

Lee got emotional as she spoke about her retirement as she introduced her successor to the residents in Nee Soon, saying that she will miss the residents very much.

Lee Bee Wah has been an MP for 14 years

Lee first started out as an MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC in 2006 until her ward was carved out to form Nee Soon GRC.

She then served as an MP for Nee Soon GRC from 2011 onwards.

She is best known for her vivid and animated speeches in Parliament which can run the gamut from heartfelt and parochial to bombastic, in multiple languages.

Some of the topics she has raised in Parliament are:

Top image via Lee Bee Wah/FB