Japan looking to ease travel ban on 10 Asian countries, including S’pore

Japan taking the first step.

Nyi Nyi Thet | July 11, 2020, 02:03 PM

In May, Japan banned foreign travellers from Singapore and 110 other countries due to Covid-19.

They eventually extended that travel ban to 129 countries.

Now, things might be starting to return to a certain level of normalcy.

According to The Japan Times, Japan will be looking to start negotiations for business travel between 10 Asian countries.

These 10 countries are China, South Korea, Cambodia , Mongolia, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Taiwan, Malaysia, and also Singapore.

Xinhua also reported that Japan's foreign minister Toshimitsu Motegi also said in a press briefing that Japan will look to hold talks with "countries and regions that have succeeded in tackling the spread of the virus and have seen numbers of infections decline".

Countries with a high demand for business trips will also be prioritised. Japan Times also reported Motegai saying that Japan will prioritise business travellers before easing restrictions for foreign students and after that, tourists.

That stance has been consistent with Japan's reopening plans over the months.

SHIBUYA, TOKYO, KANTO REGION, HONSHU ISLAND, JAPAN - 2017/03/05: Shibuya crossing. (Photo by Raquel Maria Carbonell Pagola/LightRocket via Getty Images)