Coriander mooncakes available for preorder in Hong Kong for S$40.46 per box

For those with strong tastebuds.

Mabel Wong | July 30, 2020, 01:52 PM

With the Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, bakers are beginning to cook up some interesting creations in the kitchen.

Coriander-flavoured mooncakes

Hong Kong bakery Qiu Xi and Taiwanese coriander noodle brand Mr. Coriander have collaborated to create coriander-flavoured mooncakes.

The mandarin word for "coriander" is stamped clearly on the mooncake to prevent any confusion.

According to Apple Daily, the mooncake only has a butter scent, so make sure to not be fooled if you ever spot this in person.

The mooncakes are said to be made using three different types of cilantro: fresh coriander, dried coriander, and coriander powder.

There's also a bit of matcha flavouring in the mixture to help make it slightly sweet.

S$40.46 per box

The mooncakes are currently only available for preorders in Hong Kong until Aug. 31.

A box of four mooncakes will cost HK$228 (S$40.46), making each mooncake approximately HK$57 (S$10.11).

Photo from Apple Daily.

After the preorder period, each box will cost HK$268 (S$47.56).

You can find out more about the coriander mooncakes on Mr. Coriander's Instagram as well.

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