Gigantic stingray caught after 3-hour tussle at Bedok Jetty


Ashley Tan | July 31, 2020, 12:33 PM

Bedok Jetty appears to have seen some action recently.

Just three days ago on July 28, a large moray eel was reeled in, surprising passers-by and netizens alike with the unusual sighting.

And in the late evening of July 30, another extraordinary creature was caught.

Humongous ray

A huge stingray was hauled in at around 8pm.

Here are some pictures of the absolute unit.

Photo from Raj Bharathi / FB

Photo from Raj Bharathi / FB

Photo from Nicholas Chiam / FB

Here's how big it is in comparison to the angler that caught it.

Photo from Shannon Lim / FB

Weighed 80kg

The man who caught it, a professional angler called Alo who has been fishing since the 1980s, apparently wrestled with the creature for nearly three hours.

One Raj Bharathi who was at the scene yesterday told Mothership that the angler hooked the ray at around 7:15pm, and only managed to pull it in at around 10pm.

Gif from Lawrence Ng / FB

A live video was even posted to Facebook, capturing the crowd that formed at the jetty at night to observe the spectacle.

According to Shoreangler, the angler's website, the stingray weighed 80kg.

Eight men were required to lift it out of the waters and onto the jetty.

Gif from Raj Bharathi / FB

It is uncertain what the exact species of the stingray is, and the creature caught could be one of two species of stingray, Himantura undulata or Himantura uarnak. Both are commonly called the honeycomb stingray.

Both species have very similar yellow and black patterns on their bodies, and have been recorded in Singapore.

The body width of Himantura undulata can grow up to 1.3m, while Himantura uarnak can have a body width of up to 2m.

The two species are listed as vulnerable according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Another huge sea creature

Top photo from Raj Bharathi and Shannon Lim / FB