PAP's Gan Siow Huang laughs at meme of her nomination day speech: 'I'm usually not so fierce'

Memes are the best part of elections.

Tanya Ong | July 05, 2020, 02:55 PM

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People's Action Party candidate for Marymount SMC Gan Siow Huang garnered quite a bit of attention with her speech delivered on nomination day.

Here's her speech:

In response to her speech, some have pointed out that it sounds like a "war cry" or a military command.

Some memes have also emerged, with people superimposing the audio track onto battle scenes, for instance.

Gan reacts

But what does she think about it all?

Gan was filmed reacting to one such video, where she was seen laughing in response.

She remarked, "Well, I think it's very creative, I mean it's a way of expression!"

She added, "Frankly, I think I'm usually not so fierce."

Video screengrab/Gan Siow Huang FB

Gan also said that those who know her will know that she's actually quite approachable.

For the nomination day speech however, she felt she needed to show that she "was serious about wanting to serve them".

You can see her full video here:

Top photo via video screenshot/FB, CNA video