Foodpanda rider urges drivers to stop during animal hit-&-run after witnessing fatal accident


Syahindah Ishak | July 26, 2020, 08:27 PM

A Foodpanda rider recently witnessed a hit-and-run involving a car and a dog.

In a July 20 post uploaded by Facebook user Noel Chern, he said that the car "ran off without stopping".

Based on the post, it is unclear if the incident happened in Singapore.

Other Foodpanda riders tried to help

Chern tried to save the dog and stop the traffic after the accident happened.

Other Foodpanda riders also came to help.

Image from Noel Chern/Facebook.

"I tried to call ambulance, the dog was still breathing then. But the dog stopped breathing after a minute," said Chern.

The body of the dog was put inside a gunny sack.

Image from Noel Chern/Facebook.

Image from Noel Chern/Facebook.

Owner cried when he arrived at the scene

Chern had also noticed that the dog had a collar with a phone number written on it.

He called the number and found out that it was the dog's owner.

"When the owner came he f****** cried man. Really wish there was something we can do but he's gone. The dog ran away apparently because the gate was loose."

According to Chern, the owner has had the dog since it was a puppy.

Image from Noel Chern/Facebook.

You can read Chern's full Facebook post here:

Cases where it is an offence to drive off after hitting an animal

In Singapore, any driver who hits an animal while driving is required to stop the vehicle if he has "reasonable grounds" to believe that the animal has an owner, or that the presence of the injured or dead animal on the road is likely to endanger other road users.

In such circumstances, the driver must also:

  • Provide their particulars to "any person at the scene" who has "reasonable grounds" to request for it.
  • Take reasonable steps to inform the owner of the animal of the accident, and give the owner their particulars.
  • Take reasonable steps to alert other road users of any safety hazard created by the accident, and inform the police.

If the driver fails to do any of the above, they will be guilty of an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

What to do if you hit an animal while driving

The SPCA has a set of guidelines for drivers who hit an animal while driving:

1. Stop your car safely.

2. Stay at the scene.

3. Contact the SPCA at 62875355 ext. 9.

4. If you intend on approaching the animal:

- Be aware of your surroundings – watch out for other cars or anything else that might put you or anyone else in danger.

- If you’re approaching an injured animal, be very careful. It will probably be very scared and might try to bite or scratch you in fear.

- If you realise you have hit someone’s pet, you may want to see if you can locate its tag to access the contact details of its owner.

SPCA will go down to the scene to help the animal.

Top images from Noel Chern/Facebook.