Dubai cleaner forms heart on pavement using dried leaves as family & wife come to mind

The moment was unintentionally captured by an onlooker.

Julia Yeo | July 29, 2020, 06:16 PM

A photo of a cleaner in Dubai making a heart out of twigs and dried leaves went viral after it was shared by an Instagram user who spotted him from her window.

Surprised to see photograph of himself online

While the original post was left private, it was circulated online by other users who shared the photo.

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best thing we’ve seen all year #2020 a bittersweet moment. think this resonates with us all, we are all longing to be with our loved ones. 💗 not sure who this gentleman is but he deserves a shout out. to love, always xoxox @downtowndubai @emaardubai #mydubai #dubai 📸: @nesma_farahat @goodnews_movement

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The worker, 30-year-old Ramesh Gangarajam Gandi, works as a housekeeping staff with a company in Dubai, according to Khaleej Times.

Ramesh said that he was missing his wife and family back home when he started crafting the heart.

"I didn't know that anyone was watching me, so I was very surprised to see that photograph online," he told the Dubai daily.

Missing his family back home

"I was wondering what everyone was doing and how everyone was, but mostly I was missing my wife."

Ramesh got married in August 2019, a month before moving to Dubai to work in September 2019.

His wife, who currently lives with his parents in India, did not have much time to spend together with him before he received his job offer.

He added that he was very worried about his elderly parents, especially his father, who was plagued with health issues due to old age.

However, Ramesh added that he will be taking time off work to return home soon, to spend time with his family.

"Although nobody in my family has caught Covid-19, my father is quite ill at the moment. Luckily, travel is a bit easier now, so I will be flying back to India to spend time with my parents and my wife. It makes me feel happy to know I will see my family soon and can help out at home," said Ramesh.

The Ministry of Community Development in the United Arab Emirates later contacted him via his employer to present him with a gift pack, as a show of support and gratitude for his contribution to the country.

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🤍💫🙏🏻 thank you @mocduae for showing your gratitude and support to this gentleman. a beautiful and caring gesture, bless you all dearly. may we rise as a community, together always xoxox

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