Conveyor belt hotpot restaurant opens in Woodlands, S$1 to S$5 per dish


Mabel Wong | July 13, 2020, 02:54 PM

Conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Singapore are a dime a dozen, and it appears that conveyor belt hotpot restaurants could be a dime a half dozen if the idea takes off.

Hotpot dishes served on conveyor belts

Ma Ma Spin Pot is a new hotpot restaurant in Woodlands that serves their hotpot dishes on winding conveyor belts.

Originally located at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), it has now found a new home at Woodlands, bringing along its bright neon decor.

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Photo from Ma Ma Spin Pot | FB.

More decorations can be found indoors as well, with green vines and pink and white flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Photo from Ma Ma Spin Pot | FB.

Coloured plates with different prices

Similar to the typical conveyor belt sushi restaurants, the plates on the conveyor belts are coloured based on price.

Here are the following colours and their accompanying prices:

  • Yellow: S$1
  • Green: S$2
  • White and Purple: S$3
  • Orange: S$4
  • Blue: S$5

Special a la carte dishes such as Australian premium wagyu beef (S$25) and US Beef short ribs (S$25) are also available.

Photo from Ma Ma Spin Pot | FB.

Grilled items are also available, with prices ranging from S$1 to S$3 per serving.

Photo from Ma Ma Spin Pot | FB.

To reserve a table, customers can either call 6612 6798 or Whatsapp 8688 6306.

Address: 785E Woodlands Rise

Opening Hours: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 1am

Top images from Ma Ma Spin Pot | FB.