Mediacorp actor Benjamin Tan pleads with mum to wake up from coma in heartbreaking post

Doctors had told the family to prepare for the worst.

Mandy How | July 21, 2020, 03:02 PM

Mum of local actor Benjamin Tan has been in a coma after being hospitalised on July 4, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

27-year-old Tan, who has starred in “Lion Mums Season 3" and “My Guardian Angels”, wrote an Instagram post dedicated to her on July 12.

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Mummy 你不是最讨厌我放上网妳 triple chin的照片吗?我现在 post 了哦!妳还不起来念我吗? 在家里,没有妳唠叨的声音,也没有人一直跟在我后面在家里走来走去。。。快点醒来好吗?你睡了好久。。。就算是去探望 ah gong, ah po 和舅舅,也该回来了吧? 家里还等着我们一起收拾呢。。还有你的孙子 Toki 呢?你忍心抛下我们全部吗?但是。。。如果你累了,就让我们知道。。。我会加油的。。我会让您为我而感到骄傲。 医生说妳随时会走,但是我真的放不下,也很累,我只要妳回来。我很想撑着,但也很累了。 回来了,好不好?

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"Mummy, don't you hate it the most when I post photos of your triple chin on the internet? I'm doing it now! Aren't you going to wake up and nag at me?

Our home is missing your voice, and no one is following me, pacing back and forth... Can you wake up soon? You've been asleep for so long... Even if you're visiting grandpa, grandma, and uncle, shouldn't you be back by now?

We still need to tidy up the home... and what about your 'grandchild' Toki? Can you bear to leave us behind? But... If you're tired, let us know... We'll do our best, I'll make you proud of me.

The doctor says you may go any time, but I really can't let go, and I'm very tired too. I only want you back, I want to hold on, but I'm tired too.

Return to us, okay?"

Toki is Tan's pet dog.

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Can't wait for @tokithesilkypoo to be back home with me, I'm a daddy already! Gonna start building and decorating his playpen while waiting for his arrival. Thank you @blacknosesdad from for introducing @pawbuddies to me and offering to groom Toki in the future! Remember to follow Toki on his Instagram ok? Haha. #thecelebrityagency #TCABenjaminTan #BENtectiveFC #bentanzx #陈政序 #探子fc #tokithesilkypoo #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #puppiesofinstagram

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Tan told ST that his mum was unconscious and put on life support the day she was warded.

According to 8 Days, the 51-year-old had experienced blurry vision and giddiness prior to that.

Doctors later found out that a blood clot was pressing against her brain stem.

Although she showed signs of improvement a few days in and became lucid, Tan's mum eventually slipped back into a coma after complaining of a headache.

A CT scan uncovered internal bleeding in her brain, 8 Days added.

Doctors told the family to prepare for the worst.

Earlier on July 8, Tan posted on social media that the past week had been "crazy" due to a family emergency.

"Yet, no matter how worried I am, I got to head to work as filming resumes and put on a smile," he said.

The influencer-turned-actor urged everyone to be kind and understanding to those around them, as people might be fighting their own battles.

Top image via Benjamin Tan's Instagram page