2 yellow Lamborghinis of exact same make involved in accident along Sembawang Road

Glitch in the Matrix.

Sulaiman Daud | June 07, 2020, 09:14 PM

Two Lamborghini cars of the same make and colour apparently got into an accident along Sembawang Road as it appeared that the Matrix glitched.

According to a post on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page, the incident occurred on Sunday, June 7.

Screen shot from SG Road Vigilante FB group.

One Lamborghini on a Singapore road is rare enough, but to have two such cars of the exact same colour involved in an accident together made for an unusual sight.

One of the Lamborghinis appeared to have rear-ended the other in the yellow box of a T-junction.

Screen shot from SG Road Vigilante FB group.

Passers-by could be seen stopping at the pavement to take a look -- and many perhaps got a photo for when Singapore Pools reopens.

Screen shot from SG Road Vigilante FB group.

In another photo, Traffic Police could be seen attending to the incident.

Photo from SG Road Vigilante.

However, no ambulance or medical personnel could be seen in the photos. You can see the post below:

Goodbye, No-Claim Discount.

Top image from SG Road Vigilante Facebook page.