Sheng Siong staff quietly contributes S$200 to funeral money box on instruction of management

What a kind act.

Joshua Lee | June 02, 2020, 01:34 AM

An unusual repeated act of kindness by local supermarket chain Sheng Siong that has apparently been going on for a while now has been highlighted on Facebook.

One man, Caleb Low, wrote a post about how he was helping out at his wife's grandmother's wake when a male stranger came over and tried to quietly slip S$200 into the money collection box.

Via Caleb Low/Facebook.

One of the relatives stopped the stranger and said that the collection box was only for guests and relatives.

After some probing, the man revealed that he was working at a Sheng Siong supermarket.

The man then informed the family that his management had told him to look around the estate for wakes during the circuit breaker period and make a financial contribution.

The relative then made him sign the book as per the practice of record-keeping.

The man just left his name as "Sheng Siong Supermarket".

Via Caleb Low/Facebook.

"Thanks Sheng Shiong for this very compassionate gesture," Low wrote in response to the supermarket management's kind act.

Low added that he tried to tag Sheng Siong in his Facebook post but the chain untagged itself immediately.

He added:

"Thoroughly impressed by this organisation who lets their actions speak louder than words. This is an example of how everyone of us has the ability to be a #GreaterSignificance to others, especially in a time where we need to stand by each other more so than ever!"

This apparently wasn't the first time Sheng Siong has done something like this.

Some of the commenters on Facebook vouched for this practice as they were past recipients of the supermarket chain's generosity:

Others subsequently also came forward to reveal they were on the receiving end of Sheng Siong's kindness:

Another offered an anecdote:

We have reached out to Sheng Siong to verify this story and will update it when we hear back from them.

You can read Low's post below:

Top image via Caleb Low/Facebook.