Lee Yong Tong, 80-year-old S'pore street barber, has passed away


Zhangxin Zheng | June 28, 2020, 03:20 AM

The roadside barbers is a dying trade almost unheard of in modern Singapore these days.

The late Lee Yong Tong was one of the last few surviving roadside barbers and he had served many old-time regulars at the back alley of Boon Tat Street in the Central Business District.

Roadside barber at Boon Tat Street passed away

Lee recently passed away at the age of 80, according to a freelance photojournalist Jennifer Teo.

Teo was informed about his passing on June 24 by his daughter over email.

Lee had been a barber for close to 60 years and he used to operate in a shophouse.

Due to rising rental costs, he later moved to the back alley at Boon Tat Street about 20 years ago and became a street barber.

Roadside barbers like Lee not only provide haircuts, but also clean ears and shave.

Lee's humble and easy-going personality had won him a loyal following even until his final days in the trade.

According to previous media write-ups, many long-time customers and Lee were like friends, and they enjoyed the sense of nostalgia at Lee's place.

Here's a video of Lee back in 2016 explaining haircuts:

Top photo via screenshot of Mothership video