Poodle put down after domestic helper allegedly throws it from third floor of Yio Chu Kang house

The dog suffered trauma similar to being hit by a car or beaten up.

Belmont Lay | June 11, 2020, 09:44 PM

A 28-year-old domestic helper has been arrested after she allegedly threw a pet dog from a house at Sunrise Walk in Yio Chu Kang.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the incident occurred on May 13 morning.

Found motionless on ground floor

The 11-year-old poodle was found lying motionless with blood on its mouth.

Its owners, a couple in their mid-thirties from Hong Kong, identified as Mr Xu and Ms Sha, were reportedly at home at the time when the incident happened at around 9am.

The couple’s domestic helper from Indonesia rushed into the house claiming that the dog, Dou Dou, was lying motionless in the front yard.

The couple then discovered the dog with his mouth bloodied.

The couple rushed the poodle to the vet, who diagnosed that it had sustained severe internal injuries.

The poodle’s spine was nearly broken.

It would have been paralysed for the rest of its life if it had survived, the Chinese paper reported.

The couple wanted to save the dog, but made the decision to euthanise it to end its suffering.

Dog's injury and trauma

The vet, Wanbao reported, gave three scenarios for the extent of the dog's injuries and trauma.

It had been hit by a car, beaten up, or fallen from a height.

The employers suspected the domestic helper could have been involved.

They revealed that she had been working with the family for six months.

As she denied wrongdoing, nothing could be done.

Police called in

Wanbao also reported that the domestic helper subsequently got into an disagreement with her employer over caring for the children.

This occurred just a few days after the incident.

The disagreement got so heated the police were called in.

Wanbao wrote that evidence was allegedly uncovered on the domestic helper's phone that suggested she had thrown the dog down and feigned innocence.

The domestic helper was then arrested.

The couple revealed that they were hard-hit by the loss of their dog, as it had been with them for 11 years.

The dog had been with the couple for seven years in South Korea, before the couple relocated to Singapore one year ago.

Top photo via Lianhe Wanbao and Google Maps