S'pore navy crew allegedly sets fire to hotel towels after being told room is only for 2 guests

Two of them had been in a hotel room together with a Vietnamese woman.

Tanya Ong | June 06, 2020, 10:09 PM

Two navy crew had been in a hotel room together with a Vietnamese woman.

However, after being told by the staff that the room could only accommodate two persons, one of the men allegedly set some hotel towels on fire after leaving.

Allegedly set towels on fire after being told room could only accommodate two

According to a Lianhe Wanbao report, the two men involved are 29-year-old Cai Wenhao and 34-year-old Liu Shengshun. Liu is Cai's superior.

The incident took place on Sep. 12, 2017. Both men had gone to a KTV bar at Foch Road in the afternoon before deciding to go to the a nearby hotel with a Vietnamese woman later at night.

Cai had booked the room with the woman before Liu later joined them in the room.

Hotel staff, upon discovering this, knocked on the door and insisted that one of them leave as only two guests are permitted per room.

Liu asked if they could change their room to one that could accommodate three persons, but was turned down by the staff.

Liu then left the premises to smoke near the back door of the hotel, and then allegedly set some hotel towels on fire before leaving the scene.

Cai denied knowing Liu

Through CCTV footage, police discovered that the perpetrator had gone to Cai's room. They asked Cai if he knew Liu, but Cai denied knowing him.

According to LHWB, Cai was worried about betraying his superior, and that it would "make things difficult" for him at work.

Cai, who is charged with providing false information, pleaded guilty.

Liu, who is accused of arson, did not plead guilty. He will return to court for trial on July 2.

H/T: Lianhe Wanbao

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